18 Years, and Counting



Today I celebrate 18 years of marriage with my wife Julie. 18 years of memories:

In 1996, we made a promise

In 1997, we were blessed with the best gift we never knew we wanted. Joseph Paul

In 1998, I graduated from CCS, Julie was changing lives

In 1999, we took a chance and moved to Atlanta, GA

In 2000, our reward for that chance was a beautiful little girl we named Rebekah Louise

In 2001, we took a chance and moved to the state of New York

In 2002, our reward for that chance was a beautiful little boy we named Aaron John

In 2003, we were regulars at the Strong National Museum of Play

In 2004, we cultivated our garden

In 2005, we spent many days in Maryland with Joanne

In 2006, we saw RENT in NYC

In 2007, we welcomed my brother and his family to spend Christmas in NY

In 2008, we traveled to OZ

In 2009, we saw my mother get remarried

In 2010, we spent lots of time in Disney thanks to our generous parents

In 2011, we bought a home

In 2012, we took a chance to forge our own path with Brandtatorship

In 2013, we left the country to celebrate a retirement (read: freedom)

In 2014, we started the college tours for the best gift we never knew we wanted

In 2015…



My 10 Adopted Rules of Thumb

I received a great gift today.

This gift as given to me by my good friends Adell and Dom on the eve of their wedding day. Few know this, but I will marry them tomorrow in an outside service at a local country club here in Western New York. Yes, I have been ordained. No I’d rather not debate the humor of the previous statement. Instead I’d like to talk about the gift. It’s a framed poster titled: My 10 adopted rules of thumb, and it’s pictured above. I wish i could take credit for this list and the design, but alas it was done by someone else. Adell and Dom know me well, and they also know this is something I would really enjoy. They nailed it. As their reward I will nail the framed poster on my office wall, and enjoy it every time I pass by. For me there are very few gifts that surpass framed art with personal meaning, especially the ones least expected.

And the list is as follows:

My 10 Adopted Rules of Thumb

1. If you are in love with an idea you are no judge of it’s beauty or value.
2. It is difficult to see the whole picture when you are inside the frame.
3. After learning the tricks of the trade, don’t think you know the trade.
4. We hear and apprehend what we already know.
5. The dog that stays on the porch will find no bones
6. Never state a problem in the same terms it was brought to you.
7. If it’s off beat or surprising it’s probably useful.
8. If you do not expect the unexpected, you will not find it.
9. Don’t get to serious.
10. If you hit the bullseye every time the target is too near.