14 Things I Love and Hate

Valentine’s Day is about a cliche as it gets. In the spirit of those in love or in heartbreak, I figured I’d share 14 things that I love, and 14 things I hate.

I love tater tots … maybe more than a good thin crust pizza.

I hate onions. Even the ones called sweet.

I love improvisation, lamp, and the rest of that movie too.

I hate the music of Rod Stewart.

I love the smell of freshly printed 4-color brochures.

I hate walking into a bathroom with poor ventilation.

I love how certain people seem to reinvent themselves with ease.

I hate seeing good people give up.

I love how sincere Joey conducts himself.

I hate watching people put on Chapstick.

I love Rebekah’s innocence.

I hate the hearing the words slacks, moist and penetration.

I love holding hands.

I hate movies featuring live-action pets that speak.

I love how Aaron can dramatically effect the energy in a room for the better.

I hate that not everyone likes cauliflower.

I love that I have a tight circle of friends who know me better than me.

I hate the days when I don’t laugh.

I love the sound of wood pencils in a sharpener.

I hate watching a pencil die.

I love and admire how resilient Julie can be.

I hate birds. They peck, they poop, and they have beaks.

I love music and need it like water.

I hate walnuts in brownies.

I love getting paint on my hands, so much that it’s like a topical cocaine.

I hate smoking.

I love Max. Even if he is … a little shit.

I hate lists.



Where did January go? Oh wait I know, It was flushed into memory exile courtesy of Urinetown. The Webster Theatre Guild celebrated its 75th Anniversary in 2011, and the show they chose to commemorate the event was Urinetown. Yep … Urinetown. This former Broadway show is filled with raw humor, uncomfortable situations, borderline offensive material, and WTG did it right. Kudos to director J. Simmons and to the rest of the production team. I have not laughed so hard in a long time, and after the way 2011 closed I needed the palette cleansing weekend. WTG newcomer Andy Cooper and I tag-teamed the Set Design and I did the Artistic Painting for the show. Big props to the entire cast for a solid production, especially those that helped with the painting and set construction. Some members of the WTG (read: Stacie and Cathy for the death scene platform) found hidden talents, and for me, it certainly was an unexpected surprise (although … “is there and other kind?”) Below are some of the photos of the set starting out with Public Amenity #9. It’s one of the dirtiest, filthiest urinals in town, and was also fun to paint. (As was the rest of the set.)