The Year of the Mouse

2010 is the year of the tiger in the Chinese calender, well move over tiger, cause for the Mayerniks it’s the year of the mouse. Shortly, we leave for Disney 1.0. The first of two trips that we’ll be making to the Magic Kingdom this year. These trips will be spoken about, remembered, belabored, and cherished by my children at every holiday dinner table for years to come. Okay, maybe even Julie and me.

Trip 1.0 consists of over 44 hours in the car. Spanning 16 days. 8 states. 6 big cities and one sweet Droid to document the whole trip. I plan to update with sketches, photos and insights as we go, but who knows… I may not get to posting them until I get back. I think, the lure of the Orlando pools and its lazy rivers will be way to strong. In the meantime subscribe to the blog in the upper corner to receive all the updates as soon as I post them.

Oh, first thing to note about the trip… after we check in our first lunch at the park will be eating at Epcot in the country of… drum roll please… China.

Move over tiger.


3 thoughts on “The Year of the Mouse

  1. Maybe you and Julie will talking about it, remembering, cherishing these trips for years????? I have no doubt that you and Julie will probably have more memories and cherishing these trips at least as much, if not more than your children! Can’t wait to hear about all of those wonderful moments!

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